Dear Rev Crews,

                                 Information received today indicates that we may have misinterpreted an on reflection, unfortunately worded news article, which stated that “the foodvan operations will cost “the Foundation” $55,000. Our informant tells us (and he is a very reliable guy) that the article meant your Exodus Foundation paying- We read it as JEF Foundation. If this is true and Exodus did not receive payment from the JEF administrator out of JEF funds (or from alternative sources), then my index finger is pointed skywards, and I apologise. If in fact you did receive funding then of course I stand by my previous statements.

 If I am wrong, please understand that without any clarification from yourself or the governments number cruncher, I totally believed the-on reflection-ambiguous article.It was rather naughty of me to put blind faith in the media, because I’m old enough to know not to believe everything(or is it anything?) I read in the papers. And then I realised- that is precisely what happened to our trusting benefactor Jef Gambin. Hundreds of naysayers, maybe thousands, convicted him in a trial by innuendo orchestrated in the court of media opinion. His reputation and many years of good, unpaid loyalty to our marginalised community destroyed by three people he trusted, at least one of whom initially came to Jef for help- and a grateful media. Character assasination driven by mass circulation media has permanently convicted Jef- even if completely exonerated and his innocence proclaimed for an unlikely week in front and rear cover spreads, and blasted across prime TV news- You just can’t wash those shit stains away. The same is almost Just Enough Faith- but not quite. Now I haven’t written Jef Gambin off (by now you probably think I idolise the guy), far from it.

  But salvaging Just Enough Faith is the easier option. Not a walk in the park, but do-able. And Rev Crews, this has to do with you. Money. And ROI to donors. We measure it in the percentages which hit their target- the homeless and marginalised community. And we think the Just Enough Faith style of streamilining is still attractive to potential donors (actually,some new ones have already put their hands up). Of course the administrator doesn’t know this because he has , for some unfathomable reason, refused to entertain any discussions with parties interested in resurrecting JEF- we spent 14 hours last night with our legal advisors who among other things advise that this is a fundamental duty of care- and creditors will really care about that. We hold the firm view that the JEF system is the structure which will optimise the percentage of funds directly reaching our community-lower overheads-No paid evening staff for instance.Not criticising your structure.Works for you and keeps hundreds happy out in Ashfield. No problem. But JEF is still our preferred choice.  

   If you are genuinely out of pocket through the services you have already provided let me know ( and we will lobby the government who I believe unnecessarily caused this fiasco, to compensate Exodus. I can’t believe that they signed an MOU with you and couldn’t fund it!!! Damned cheek.

 Lastly, Rev Crews, thank you for the services which your organisation has delivered in the last 2 months, at Jef’s Corner. As your contract draws to a close, we should commend Exodus for responding to our issues. Our compliments to your chef. And if Australias famous tall poppy syndrome should ever get you too, we will probably be as supportive of you as we have been of Jef.Because we have been told you are a good bloke- and we believe it,

see you at the Foodvan

kindest regards

Sydney homeless