Following a marathon session with legal and other advisors, the Sydney Homeless community are considering legal action in a bid to stabilise the foodvan services. Our just concluded meeting (2-30a.m.) has identified the following points.

a) We have the legal grounds as stakeholders, to take legal action to resolve the State Labor Government created foodvan crisis.

b) We are able to take action either in conjunction with or independently of any other party.

c) We have available sufficient resources available to effect whatever legal action (and if necessary structure) is required to ensure the continuation of JEF style,JEF quality,JEF quantity food and associated services. We will use these resources to challenge any attempt to subvert or diminish these services.

d) We will oppose any resolution of the issue which involves one organisation being paid to deliver services, while using voluntary labour and donated resources to effect delivery.

e) We await the ministerial response to a question parliament addressing these issues,due 17th 06 and published 19-06, and will consider this response prior to resolving the issue of court action.

f) We are not holding our breath for announcements from OLGR or their appointed administrator, who are the likely respondents to be named in any court action.