In spite of repeated requests for a simple clarification of the situation, by multiple parties,including ourselves, we know of not one reason why The NSW State Government has taken over Just Enough Faith-because they won’t say.

So we have looked at possible plausible motives;

a) Just Enough Faiths occupation of premises in Callan Park may obstruct future development plans for that much contested and neglected piece of real estate. Their removal would leave only Foundation House,the Unions NSW supported drug and alcohol program obstructing any hidden agenda State Labor may have as to future development. We ask Unions NSW to support Just Enough Faith Foundation by lobbying its Labor MP’s, and by whatever other means they consider appropriate and expedient.

b) Just Enough Faith were an ongoing embarassment to NSW State Labor Government. By successfully delivering the standards of services which they did,JEFF forced all other, mostly government funded providers in the area, to raise their sometimes abysmal standards, at significant cost to State Government. I’m sure government accountants don’t thank Just Enough Faith for this. The Jeffs Corner foodvan service still leads the way. Following the recent closure of Uniting Church/Wesley Mission’s Edward Eagar Lodge dining facilities to all but residents, the termination of Vinnies Village dinner service some time ago, and the steadfast refusal of Matthew Talbot to recognise that women and children as well as men experience hunger, the Jeff Foodvan is now the only place that homeless, marginalised and financially challenged women and children can reliably access a hot substabtial dinner 7 days a week.

c) It is said that ex City Mayor, Ex Callan Park minister, ex minister for developers and said to be premiership aspirant carries a veritable golf bag of axes to grind with Just Enough Faith and Jef Gambin. Just a few things we have heard and read…and as a potential campaign grows, those whispers may well grow names. Look, its just something we have heard, and with Exodus contract up in a fortnight we really do have to consider anything and everything. Far fetched??? With Catherine Hill fresh in our minds and the skullduggery surrounding the creation of the Redfern Waterloo Authority,both under Sartor,who really knows?

d) There has been talk for a long time of a State Labor Government preference to relocate all marginalised people to areas “where land values are cheaper”. Mr Rees made a statement when he took over as premier that Sydney would have no homeless by when???Areas like Airds? Or perhaps Ivanhoe? Sorry peeps, we like it here too, and demand socially affordable housing levels in the Sydney City area be increased. We suggest a levy of 5% across all construction projects in the area, and target 5% allocation of all existing residential apartment blocks within 10 years as a good starting point- and how about a socially integrated caravan park-say on the Sydney City Council land opposite Wentworth Park, or even- Callan Park?We ask that State Government adopt the City of Sydney blueprint on dealing with homelessness.

e) The NSW State Labor Govt just doesn’t care about homeless and marginalised people- just how much they can raise for their departments in our name. No comment-yet.

f) Homeless people lower the property values in areas. This jeopoardises the State Labor Govts potential to raise funds from Developers. a)See answer d).b)For those of you who cannot see me,I have my right index finger raised above my three other right hand fingers,downturned,in a general skyward direction, my hand raised high above my head,and a care factor of “zero”.

Why do we have to raise these points of conjecture? Because The State Labor Govt, Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing, Minister Kevin Greene and the administrator of JEF, have all ignored multi party requests for their actual reasons. We will leave the process of elimination up to you. For us, if we can’t eliminate the possibility, we are keeping it on the table.


Below is the text of the OLGR media announcement of their appointment of an administrator to Just Enough Faith. The blue inserts are our comments.

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) has appointed an administrator to the Just Enough Faith Foundation Inc (JEFF) following an investigation into alleged breaches of charitable fundraising laws.

A senior consultant from the Internal Audit Bureau was appointed administrator on April 3 to manage and operate JEFF to ensure compliance with the law.
The administrator will determine the ongoing viability of JEFF.
The Exodus Foundation at Ashfield has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the administrator to continue to provide the Domain evening meal service to the homeless, previously provided by JEFF. Exodus commenced the Domain operation on April 27, ensuring no loss of services to the homeless.
The appointment of an administrator follows an investigation by senior charity inspectors that detected a series of alleged breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991.
The matter is under investigation by the NSW Police Fraud Squad to determine if any offences have been committed under the Crimes Act.
To avoid duplication, police have been asked to include breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act as part of their investigation.

our notes-

a) Statement indicates that investigation has concluded; “following an investigation.” No charges known to have been laid.

b) Senior consultant from Internal Audit Bureau is said to be Chris Jones, the number cruncher responsible for giving confidential contact details on JEFF databases to their contractor in breach of privacy laws. Also known to have provided JEFF funds to finance government contractor Exodus operations in the last 2 months. Known to have signed a MOU with Exodus prior to giving over JEFF assets. Known to have handed over to religion based Exodus resources donated in good faith on the basis that they would be deployed by a non faith based organisation. Appointment is possibly an illegal act by government.Said to have predetermined that JEFF services were better placed in the hands of Exodus. Said to be religious fanatic and allied with Oliver, so probably not impartial.

c) Exodus signed the MOU prior to the takeover, and were at the very least discourteous in failing to notify JEF of impending action,abeit probably prevented by a non disclosure clause in the MOU. There were substantial losses of services in terms of food quality, and quantity with Exodus running out of food on numerous occasions. Non food ancilliary services were also non existent. Exodus have since tried to make these up,and made huge efforts in the food department. Never-the-less, the overall quality of service remains shaded by the superior quality of JEFF services.

d) There has been no known breach of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991 by the current Board of Directors of Just Enough Faith, nor do our legal advisors consider fundraising activities 2003-2007 to have breached this lopsided law, which places onerous conditions only on non religion based charities. In any case, we regard the appointment of administrators as draconian and premature, because there have as yet been no charges brought, much less a trial- so surely there must be a presumption of the innocence of all parties- not the Oliver/Government fed,media driven trial and conviction which both Jef Gambin and Just Enough Faith have received.

e) We believe that this government appointed administration is illegal and therefore its actions are also.

f) We call on police to also investigate the possibly illegal accessing of Just Enough Faiths financial records by parties who then made these available to media, and charges which may flow from those.