In view of the unavoidable postponement of the Just Enough Faith Board’s previously announced meeting, we wish to make our position clear.

1) We aim to have the foodvan service retained , at current or better(measured by patrons) service levels, at all costs. A privately funded organisation managed exceedingly well for 17 years-until siezed by state government. We will not accept a lesser service in its place.

2) We hold the State Labor Government responsible for the current unclear status of the foodvan service.

2a) We believe their actions in relation to Just Enough Faith to be unjustified, illegal and possibly inspired by ulterior motives, including future usage options for Callan Park.

2b) We call for the State Government to make financial provision to ensure that the service levels described above are maintained or exceeded, AND that should the operations be returned to Just Enough Faith’s control, that an unconditional ex gratia payment be made to that organisation in an amount agreeable to the board to compensate for de structuring and interference in supply and volunteer resourcing, as well as the detrimental effect of adverse publicity generated by the State Labor Governments actions.

2c) We call for the State Labor Government to immediately cease and desist its actions against Just Enough Faith or to make public their reasons for their actions. You have had 2 months to make them up.

2d) In the event of a return of the services to JEF control, we urge JEF to offer continued employment to the Exodus Chef,if he is surplus to their ongoing needs.

3) In the event that Exodus retain the service we call upon the State Government and its agencies to ensure the maintenance of the service levels, and that appropriate funding is in place, without supplementary conditions.

4)The State Government destroyed what worked so well-we hold them responsible for its maintenance- and will act by whatever means necessary to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

5) We reaffirm our Strongest support for JEF Board of Directors,Just Enough Faith Foundation, and separately, Jef and Alina Gambin personally.

6) We will oppose an administrator appointed JEF board, or any administrator appointed alternative contractor, by all means available.

7) We urge all homeless people, supporters sympathisers and JEF supporters to contact us in preparation for possible actions and campaigns,which will be directed against the State Labor Govt.

8) We will make our volunteers available to support a Just Enough Faith Foundation run service, in whatever capacity required.