Current mainstream media reports of NSW Labor Government illegal practices in relation to property delevopment applications are just the latest in a series of development related fiascos which have come to light across the State, in areas as disparate as Wollongong, Strathfield as well as the current Catherine Hill allegations.And who can forget the chicanery of trying to sieze control of Sydney City Council, merging South Sydney with Sydney,losing the Mayoralty to Clover Moore then creaiting a separate planning authority under the control of Sartor. We say that the government siezure of Just Enough Faith is just another example of blatant Labor misuse of power. A government that is unafraid to act illegally when it suits their purpose is way past its use by date.

 Current media reports of the Sydney Anglican Synod’s losses of $100 million from their various investment gambles begs the question of all charities- show us where the money goes. If its Sydney synod has that amount to lose on bad investments, how much do they have invested in total, where did the money come from, and do the donors know that  it is being applied for investment purposes? And while we are asking these questions of the Anglican Synod, perhaps we need to question how much the other church based charities have in commercial investments. We note that Uniting Churches Wayside chapel have closed down their Edward Eagar dining facility to all but residents, without an alternative service being made available. We wonder how much Uniting Churches many charitable subsidiaries have contributed to their investment schemes(if any). And The Trustees of The Society of St Vincent de Pauls (NSW)- or Catholic Social Services. Under current government regulations they don’t have to even say how much they collect, or what they do with it. We reiterate our call for a level playing field- either remove the OLGR regulation of independent charities completely, or make it apply to religious charities also.