This excerpt( below yellow) is the only known mention in the saga of Just Enough Faith, of John Oliver. But we are going to give credit where credits due, and throw shit where it sticks,like we usually do! We believe that John Oliver is the man who, with a total and callous disregard for the homeless and marginalised,orchestrated a perfectly executed media and political attack on Jef Gambin and Just Enough Faith-The day before Just Enough Faiths long awaited and eagerly anticipated Free Dental Service was due to become operational.


 No,we believe that ex merchant banker Oliver was way too smart for that!!! We believe that the timing of his carefully co-ordinated media release was a masterful display of maximising damage to Jef Gambin personally, Just Enough Faith organisationally with Homeless and marginalised people in Sydney posted in the “acceptable collateral damage category”. They were the targets squarely in his sights. And his impact has been felt. By Jef Gambin. By Just Enough Faith.And by the homeless and marginalised community of Sydney, who are deprived of a much needed free, no questions asked, dental service- as well as the possible loss forever of the amenity and ambience of the old JEFF foodvan system-Not that Exodus are not trying.

 We know that Mr Oliver is a very intelligent numbers man, (hell, his company,Babcock and Brown(in liquidation) tried to swallow Qantas-okay, they got what turned out to be a terminal lump in their corporate throats). And the carefully orchestrated media driven attack on the above mentioned parties bears all the hallmarks of such careful execution-it was a Babcock and Brown trademark.

 We challenge Mr Oliver to come out of hiding and say whether or not he is the media source of the original allegations which have jeopardised the good work of JEFF. And would he,per chance,be the single complainant upon whose allegations the current OLGR siezure is reputed to hang?And we’d like him to give his reasons. If not to us, then to the board of (JEFF) the NFP he has teetering on the edge of oblivion. 

 We would also like to ask Mr Oliver whether he is behind the Exodus takeover, and how much funding he’s arranged for them, if any? And ,Mr Oliver we would also like to know whether you are, or know the person who made available confidential Bank documents, taken,we understand, from the JEFF offices without authorisation of staff or directors- and subsequently made available to journalists? And we’d like to know whether you consider this action moral, legal and ethical? We would also like the police departments Strikeforce to investigate possible offences under the crimes act committed by the person who illegally made these documents available to the media.Its certainly within the scope of their inquiry. We would also like to know whether these possible offences were considered by OGLR in their instructions to police, as outlined in Hansard NSW 29/10/08.

 Anyone who thought they could cause damage to the Sydney Homeless community, and its most reliable support network, and remain beyond reproach had best think again.

“After seven years of feeding the homeless every Friday night and raising more than $120,000 for the charity, in January last year John Oliver, a retired investment banker with Babcock & Brown, decided to walk away.

“I was just concerned about the lack of governance and financial transparency out there. And there were rumours of Jeff having some sort of a gambling problem. People said that they’d seen him gambling, but it was just their word against Jeff’s.”

Oliver says that by the end of 2006, he and his fellow volunteers had been reduced to buying pigs’ cheeks for 50 cents a kilogram to keep the food program going. “Once the money ran out the food deteriorated quickly. All we had was fatty rubbish, the food was absolutely dreadful and we struggled in the kitchen to make suitable quality.”

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