We have looked and can find no peacetime precedent of any Australian government having siezed control of any organisation without ANY explanation.

 This is what the NSW State Labor Government’s  Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing has done in the case of Independent charity Just Enough Faith. The Board of Just Enough Faith’s statement on 3rd June 2009 that there has been no explanation whatsoever given by either the government department concerned, the minister responsible for that department or the administrator, exposes the first instance we can find of such arbitrary and draconian use of executive power by any Australian government. There is no question of the application of anti terrorism or any emergency legislation, in fact, there is just no legislation at all !!!! Rodney Bryant, The Skaf Brothers, Alan Bond and even major drug importers are all afforded the natural justice of actually being told what they were charged with.

 Even in the Childrens Court system, where Mr Greene’s previous department, DoCs, are completely free to fuel often malicious prosecutions with heresay and innuendo, the defence is still presented with a set of allegations. These often baseless allegations are tested in a Court of Law where the Evidence Act does not apply, and hapless defendants, many of whom are marginalised people using much restricted govt funded Legal Aid, oppose the unlimited research and investigative resources of Police,DoCs, the Department of Public Prosecutions, the very biased Childrens Court Clinicians. And these departments have the temerity to cry poor! But the Hon Mr Greenes OLGR goes further. In an increasingly common display of state government arrogance and disdain for process, OLGR’s appointed administrator simply walks in, shuts legitimate office holders out on penalty of arrest, gives away assets, with no explanation whatsoever.

 Our people and legal researchers have looked-we think thoroughly. The only place we couldn’t look was into NSW State Labor Government  Minister Kevin Greenes mind. The answer is probably not there either.

 The actions of the hon. Kevin Greenes Office of Liqour Gaming and Racing appear to be on foot with planning minister Keneallys Catherine Bay fiasco, possibly another arrogant display of the illegal actions of the current NSW Labor administration. And we have to ask, to what lengths are they prepared to go to facilitate their illegal actions? On Catherine Bay, we understand that there is legal advice suggesting that retrospective legislation is needed to “fix it”. What next, the Just Enough Faith Dissolution Act, also retrospectively? 

1. We believe the takeover to be without legal basis, and encourage the Board of Just Enough Faith to take immediate high court action to secure the return of control, and damages.

2.We urge appropriately qualified counsel, interested in supporting a pro-bono application  to contact us, with a view to supporting JEF Foundation Board, or initiating our own action to have JEF Foundation Board Control restored.

3.We seek the written support of Trades Unions, NFP sector organisations and all registered entities to whom this type of interference may be applied by this or a future government.

4.We call for immediate public clarification of the OLGR’s reasons for placing JEFF under administration, and the role of the administrator appointed by the department.

5.We call for restoration of resources and services stripped from JEFF to the rightful control of the JEFF board of directors. We call on the OLGR to effect an immediate and unconditional ex-gratia payment to Just Enough Faith to cover re establishment of JEFF services and operations for 3 months.

6.Sydney Homeless viewpoint call for the OLGR to immediately restore Just Enough Faith’s permissions to solicit donations in N.S.W. in line with the organisations Fereral Tax exempt status, and  for this permit to be issued retrospectively.