In response to our email of May 13 2009, MLA Sylvia Hale(Greens) asked the following questions in parliament on the same day. This demonstrates the relative concerns demonstrated by the various elected representatives, our marginalised community and supporters may wish to bear this in mind at election time.In fairness,we did not contact the liberal or other opposition parties, but we and several known entities and private citizens have made related inquiries to the relevant State Labor Ministers and/or their departments, with nary a single response. 

 We look forward to the answer on 17th June as scheduled.

And our apologies to Ms Hale and the Greens for our ignorance of parliamentary protocol. It appears to equal the State Labor Governments ignorance of Homelessness and marginalisation issues, save for what they’re told by people we’ve never seen(Bill Crews excepted).


Primary Industries, Minister for Energy, Minister for Mineral Resources, Minister for State Development

representing the Minister for Community Services—

In relation to food distribution to homeless persons in inner Sydney by the Exodus Foundation:

(1) What is the government doing to ensure the continuity of the essential food van services that Just

Enough Faith provided to homeless persons?

(2) What is the Government doing to ensure that the quality and quantity of the food is maintained, until

a permanent replacement for Just Enough Faith’s services is selected?


(a) Will the Minister or her representatives undertake to meet with the homeless people in inner

Sydney who were formerly assisted by Just Enough Faith, and now by the Exodus Foundation,

to discuss and address their dissatisfaction with the current level of food services?

(b) If not, why not?$File/Q0900513.100.pdf