Our independent onsite polling clearly indicates a strong preference and continued faith in Jef Gambin’s Just Enough Faith as the preferred provider of the nightly foodvan service. Our poll, posted below, shows a massive 80 per cent plus support JEF. The alternatives offered were Exodus, and a new homeless operated service.

 There has been some discussion of a homeless operated foodvan service starting if JEF are unsuccessful in reclaiming their resources and control of the foodvan site from the hostile State Labor Government appointed administrators. Some parties to those discussions are quietly identifying and accumulating resources to bring about a replacement. We are able to put parties who may be interested in becoming parties to this proposal in touch with the co-ordinators, and urge all with available food logistics and particularly kitchen resources to contact us at sydneyhomeless@letterboxes.org .

 An enterprising alliance of homeless people are piloting what may just be the next MUST DO for the socially conscious local and travellers alike. Their “HOMELESS FOR A DAY” project enables anyone over 18 to experience a day in the life of a Sydney Homeless person.