Following Gaming & Racing Minister Kevin Greene’s departments dubious siezure of the Just Enough Faith foodvan operations late April, the ministers department have willingly allowed current government contractor and replacement service provider Exodus Foundation and its founder, Bill Crews to cop all the flak. Disgruntled service users, dismayed or disillusioned volunteers or irate donors fired an unrelenting barrage of angry protests at Exodus , this commentator group being one of the critics. The Office of Gaming and Racing, who actually bear full responsibility for this debacle, have yet again brought into question the very ability of NSW Labor to govern. An astute government may have considered more thoughtfully the impact upon and implications for Sydney Homeless and marginalised that their decision to sieze control of Just Enough Faith would have. An astute, in tune government would have measured the services provided, by the simple device of actually sending someone qualified to quantify the services being provided-then moved to ensure that their alternate provider was suitably organised equipped and funded to “replace apples with apples.” With hindsight, we are certain that this would have been the preferred course of action for Rev Bill Crews, but we are also certain that he completely misjudged the adverse impact his arrangements with Mr Greenes department would have. It would be unfair to expect that a department such as Racing and Gaming would have much knowledge of socially marginalised issues, or the resources to assess them. But Minister Greene was previously Minister for DoCs, a position he held until late 2008. Was he asleep at the wheel? Did he not know what resources that department had? Or, did he just not care? We have written to the esteemed Minister in relation to the qality of services provided under his contractor. We have yet to receive a response, and doubt that a timely response will ever arrive. After all, his portfolio is that all important Gaming and Racing revenue stream-the same one that sucks the lifeblood out of countless households and even businesses state wide, as State Labor feeds its addiction to gambling taxes. To our knowledge, Minister Greene has never visited the Foodvan service which his department have now given an uncertain future. Neither have any of his department. All the decisions, apparently were implemented on the calculator and excel spreadsheet of public service accountant ( and now administrator) Chris Jones. To our knowledge he’s seconded from another government department, whose forte is accounts management. While the minister is perhaps entitled to believe that he has the figures right, via Chris Jones expertise, who did he get to evaluate the social impact? As mentioned previously a simple step backwards into his old department would have helped. And the donated resources held in trust for Sydneys Homeless community by Just Enough Faith- much of which the donors especially selected Just Enough Faith(to donate to) because of its non-faith base AND its delivery style. Are they not entitled to feel ripped off by those resources being handed over to Christian Exodus? Many volunteers who spent thousands of hours building Just Enough Faith into the success story it still can be, will be gutted to learn that their unselfish efforts have been subverted to benefit the very religion which they chose not to contribute to- Not as a result of any act or omission by Just Enough Faith, but by a callous act of NSW Labor Government.