The Real Foodvan in Better Times

The Real Foodvan in Better Times

We have been hearing from volunteers and some of our community too, that Exodus saved the foodvan, and if they weren’t there,the foodvan would have stopped.


Exodus enabled the State government to shut Just Enough Faith down!! Exodus even co-operated in the pre planning that ensured the demise of Just Enough Faith.Thats the only way they could have had the food on hand to cook.And they weren’t shy!! In looting JEF supplies on their first day in business, while trying to serve us up skimpy dinners of one tough sausage and fifty grains of rice.


 Do you think that our already immensely popular State Government would want to make itself even more popular by shutting down the most successful inner city foodvan service ever operated? Much as they hated JEFF ( I think Jef Gambin has lots of Liberal friends), they could scarcely take the political risk. Exodus gave them an easy out, a tame, church based operator steeped in the cosy government-charity relationship that has been robbing marginalised groups for years, a willing accomplice.

 If Exodus refused,the administrator would have been forced to keep JEFF open, as he should have done. But Bill Crews smelled the dollars, and as always, dived right in.

 Exodus is getting paid for selling JEFF out, and thought they could sell us out too, so why anyone would want to volunteer for them is quite beyond me!!!!