Meet Chris Jones



Chris Jones is the guy actually making the decisions about the future of Just Enough Faith. We had hoped to have his address for all to contact him personally but its a carefully guarded secret. Mr Jones is apparently a contractor to the government, so the government must approve every move he makes. Meanwhile he and his bosses hide like the invisible man as they set about destroying Just Enough Faith and building their government approved version using Exodus Foundation as a delivery vehicle.

  We understand that Chris Jones orders have been to “see if Just Enough Faith is viable”. No reasons are given  his appointment what-so-ever. However, in his first act of bastardry upon siezing control, he shut the kitchens down, gave the food vans to Exodus Foundation, and paid them to continue JEFs nightly foodvan service. He delivered the funds  which  had been donated by donors who did not want to support a church based charity or government, to Uniting Church subsidiary and government contractor Exodus Foundation. He has refused point blank to even speak with some very credible parties who have been interested in continuing the good work of Just Enough Faith.We know that the administrator has held discussions with several other charities with absolutely no expertise in delivering homeless services.The persons whom he spoke to were puzzled as to why he would contact them.These are the but window dressing to paint a picture in line with approved practice….He has handed over confidential databases of Just Enough Faith volunteers to Exodus, and allowed Exodus free reign to propogandise those volunteers. Some simply left. Others, with divided loyalties to the homeless being fed, kept volunteering reluctantly.Some, after a month of being spoonfed Exodus/Government propoganda are now even buying the line.Mr Jones has gone even further…hes authorised the JEF foodvan to be converted in preparation for delivering the miniscule menus he and his Exodus/Government cronies expect will eventually give them reason to say “no one uses the foodvan anymore,we will close it.” Homeless people will be so much more comfortable in Bill Crews church in Ashfield.(Please don’t tell them Ivanhoe exists,they’ll probably move the foodvan there.The administrators belligerent one eyed attempts to destroy Just Enough Faith even extend to hiring an outside contractor to destroy JEFs major food storage asset.A large walk in fridge unit  doesn’t work thanks to his superb management. He actually used JEF money to hire someone to destroy it!!!! As the saga goes on we understand that he and Exodus are still sitting down penny pinching,trying to quantify how little they can get away with giving out at the foodvan while being seen to deliver a good service.


More on Chris Jones as it comes to hand