Ever been walking down a street a little bit drunk, and been accosted by someone asking for your ID? Realising that person was a policeman, you handed him your wallet,right? And when you got it back,your money had gone? Yep, this is one of the most common stories told by street people. The names places and even decades change.Even the countries. I first heard this story from Fast Car Paddy(deceased) an incorrigible old metho drunk who used to camp in a particular international cricket ground. Fast Car told that it happened to him so often,he took to keeping a little bit of money in his wallet,and most in his sock.

 Stories of police confiscating ipods, laptops (one off a 12 year old girl) mobile phones abound.

 Well, I got the latest installation of that story tonight from two young kids who frequent a particular hangout in the city. They had their entire weeks pay taken from them by a police officer last week in Hurstville. The cop simply said “thats just too much money for you to be carrying around (name withheld). You must have stolen it. Explanation that it was two peoples pays waved away. Pay receipts burnt with the comment “I didn’t see any receipts.” LEBOES with a coupla grand must be drug dealers.Streeties get stuff taken by coppers on the make all the time.And coppers think nothing of waking streeties up at 2 a.m. and taking their bedding. THATS GOVERNMENT.

 How many of you streeties have kids who have been taken and molested in DoCs care. Molested in DoCs care yourself? We know THATS GOVERNMENT.

As we all know coppers are part of the government. So is Minister Greenes Racing & Gaming Office. And what coppers do to us on a recurrent basis, Gaming & Racing has done to Jef Gambins Just Enough Faith- with help from Bill Crews Exodus Foundation.THATS GOVERNMENT.

 In the old days when the streets were controlled by the people who paid off the coppers, and the judges, streeties were safe. Today, its every copper for himself as they look to top up that $1800 a week paypacket.

Today too, we have much more collusion between government departments, efforts to sieze assets from organisations who don’t “toe the line”.