These are the people and organisations who are

destroying Just Enough Faith.






show me the money Crews
show me the money Crews


Bill Crews is the English born

leader of the Exodus Foundation,

a minister of the Uniting

Church ,a disciple of Ted Noffs of

Wayside Chapel a fame and cosy

buddy of sometime politician and

church minister Gordon Moyes. He has a

reputation for working with such efficient

 departments as DoCs of which minister for

 Gaming and Racing Kevin Greene is ex minister.

His work with DoCs related programs such as

Child Abuse Prevention Program is indicative of

his values. DoCs are known in our community as

 a primary cause of family breakdowns, and the

majority of prostitutes, male and female known

 to us disclose a history of DoCs assistance…

Thanks,DoCs. Bill Crews Exodus Foundations

involvement in the Foodvan operations stems

from their behind the scenes collaborative

memorandum of understanding with Minister

Kevin Greenes Gaming and Racing Ministry

representatives, by which they went behind Just

Enough Faiths back and aided and abetted the

government in displacing JEFF. They have

picked up a large crew of volunteers whom they

are feeding the line “If we didn’t do it, the

foodvan wouldn’t be operating today,




Do you really think that the already on the nose

Rees Labor Government wants to have shutting

an essential homeless service down added to the

 reasons why only Bill Crews will be voting for

them at the next state election??? Shutting the

foodvan service down would have suited Labor .

not at all.They are in it for the money which has

 already been promised to them. We can’t

understand the huge apparent discrepancies

between his stated budget targets and what is

chanelled back to the marginalised

communities…hundreds of thousands a year the

 difference…you guessed which way.

  And Bill, we just want the same blowtorch

applied under YOUR arse as you and your co-

conspirators applied to JEFF!!! No More No

Less. Maybe you really are an honest man,but we

are NOT taking your or the governments word

for it. Show us your books, and justify your

expenditures to auditors of our choice, then we

will know.


kevin greene

He’s the Minister for Gaming and

Racing, and the member for

Oatley out Hurstville way. We

sent a letter to Minister Greenes

office but the only reply we got

 asked for a name and address.

And given that we supplied one

and received no further response, we have to

assume that the minister cares not one scintilla

about matters which affect Homeless people. His

 lack of caring for homeless and marginalised

people is borne out by the sustained and

unfounded attack his department have mounted

against independent charity Just Enough Faith.

His department appointed administrator has

been responsible for the siezure of Just Enough

 Faith assets, assets which were donated to Just

Enough Faith because of that organisations  non

 faith base. His administrator has since taking

over absolutely obstructed or rebuffed

any attempts to restructure or recapitalise Just

Enough Faith, [referring to hand everything

over to known government collaborator Exodus.

 Well Mr Greene, we will be campaigning against

you and your party at the next election, thats for

sure. Mr Greens also cut his ministerial teeth in

that highly favoured “pass the baby” portfolio,

DoCs.It is said to be known among pollies on

both sides of the house as “the death seat.” If

memory serves correctly, Mr Greene was

instrumental in setting the ineffective terms of

reference for the latest inquiry into DoCs.

Changes? We don’t think so. How many kids died

on your watch,Mr.Greene? And how many

Gamblers have lost their family homes on your

watch in Gambling and Racing? Minister,we sent

 you a letter.This one below;

Dear Mr Greene,
               we address the following issues relating to the Just
               Enough Foodvan service, which is currently under the
               administration of your department, for ourselves, a group
               of marginalised people who are at least partially
               dependent on the services of the said Foodvan, and also
               that we may pass your advisements on to the wider
               homeless and marginalised community which uses that
1) We understand that a MOU was signed between your departments
representative and Exodus Foundation as per your media
   release of 28-04-09, to provide continuity of service for an
   undefined interim period.What (if any) arrangements
   are in train to provide continuity in should Just Enough Faith be
   unable to continue to provide services?
2a) Is it your departments intent that the full complement of services
provided by Just Enough Faith would be provided
   in the interim by Exodus Foundation?

2b) Are you aware that the food service that is being provided has left
several people unfed due to insufficient
   food supplied?Is the food service arranged supposed to be a like
   service to that provided by JEF?

3. Has any consideration been given to the provision of the basic
ancilliary services which Just Enough Faith provided
   on a regular basis, in particular the supply of bedding and clothes,
   especially in the current season.Several
   evictees and persons returning from work assignments out of Sydney
   have missed this especially welcome and
   necessary aspect of JEF services.

4. We note,and are extremely grateful, that a large number of Just
Enough Faith volunteers whom many of us have come
  to know over the years,have selected to continue to provide most of
  the frontline services,in spite of having a much
  reduced service capability.

5.We note for your advisement for many marginalised women in particular,
as well as low income workers with high rents, JEF services represent
THE ONLY EVENING option of a hot meal.We note also the downsizing of
Vinnies sandwich & drinks van operations in the area and the imminent
closure,we understand,of Edward Eagar Lodge,may further add to the
community using this essential service.

Sir, we ask that the JEF volunteer team receive the at least some of
recognition that they have never sought yet so richly deserve for their
in some cases years of selfless dedication to this cause,

 We thank you in advance for your consideration of these matters,

  Sydney Homeless



We sent it on the 18th of
 May, and still haven't
received a reply. We take
that as a definite
indication of your concern
with marginalised peoples
issues. Perhaps your
department were all busy
with TABCORPs expansion
plans for the casino or
perhaps checking out
comparative gambling
facilities in Las Vegas? We
don't know, but the several
street people who once had
homes and families, lost
through your governments
addictions to gambling
revenues aren't too happy,
let me tell you. And guess
what? They have decided to
tell us their stories. But
we won't print them here.We
will wait until election
Hey Kids, did you have Mr
 Greene for a teacher???
Its your turn to mark Mr