Mr Kevin Greene,

 As our community has been demanding a response, we asked them to be patient.We sent you our letter on Monday 18th May.We asked them to wait until Friday 22nd.Today is Saturday.We have but one response from your office,seeking a name and address for snail mail.We responded. So we are forced to publish our original letter and notify of your offices subsequent disinterest in our community and our concerns.

 We believe that the letter addressed reasonable concerns which a transparent government department would have no major task in responding to,to allay the reasonable concerns of our community members.

  Our concerns have broadened as it has since become obvious to our community that there are apparent inconsistencies in the actions of your appointed administrator, when compared with business liquidations, AND since Exodus have assumed such a dominant role in what has traditionally been a reliable and responsive non-faith-based resource  for many of our community. These concerns are outlined as follows;

a) That Just Enough Faith and its directors appear to have been denied many elements of procedural fairness, such as the opportunity to contest proceedings, which we understand have not been initiated. This denial of process opportunity appears to be in contravention of some federal as well as state legislation, and, we are advised, appears in conflict with at least one leading case ruling.

b)From our simplistic viewpoint, it appears that no  consideration has been given to the fact that, since funds and assets raised by Just Enough Faith were actually raised in the name of Sydney’s homeless community, they were held merely in trust for the specific purpose for which they were raised. On that basis, we proclaim our position as stakeholders and beneficiaries. It is our contention that flowing from that stakeholder position so claimed is an inherent right to be party to administration proceedings, and to be represented in that process.

c) We call on The Minister For Gaming and Lotteries to make public the reasons for placing Just Enough Faith in external administration, thereby jeopoardising our nightly hot meal service.

d)We call on the Minister to make available on an urgent basis to an acceptable organisation the funds equal to what your administrator has wasted

Dear Mr Greene,
               we address the following issues relating to the Just
               Enough Foodvan service, which is currently under the
               administration of your department, for ourselves, a group
               of marginalised people who are at least partially
               dependent on the services of the said Foodvan, and also
               that we may pass your advisements on to the wider
               homeless and marginalised community which uses that
1) We understand that a MOU was signed between your departments
representative and Exodus Foundation as per your media
   release of 28-04-09, to provide continuity of service for an
   undefined interim period.What (if any) arrangements
   are in train to provide continuity in should Just Enough Faith be
   unable to continue to provide services?
2a) Is it your departments intent that the full complement of services
provided by Just Enough Faith would be provided
   in the interim by Exodus Foundation?
2b) Are you aware that the food service that is being provided has left
several people unfed due to insufficient
   food supplied?Is the food service arranged supposed to be a like
   service to that provided by JEF?

3. Has any consideration been given to the provision of the basic
ancilliary services which Just Enough Faith provided
   on a regular basis, in particular the supply of bedding and clothes,
   especially in the current season.Several
   evictees and persons returning from work assignments out of Sydney
   have missed this especially welcome and
   necessary aspect of JEF services.

4. We note,and are extremely grateful, that a large number of Just
Enough Faith volunteers whom many of us have come
  to know over the years,have selected to continue to provide most of
  the frontline services,in spite of having a much
  reduced service capability.

5.We note for your advisement for many marginalised women in particular,
as well as low income workers with high rents, JEF services represent
THE ONLY EVENING option of a hot meal.We note also the downsizing of
Vinnies sandwich & drinks van operations in the area and the imminent
closure,we understand,of Edward Eagar Lodge,may further add to the
community using this essential service.

Sir, we ask that the JEF volunteer team receive the at least some of
recognition that they have never sought yet so richly deserve for their
in some cases years of selfless dedication to this cause,

 We thank you in advance for your consideration of these matters,

  Sydney Homeless





Dear Mr Greene,

The fact that your office has chosen not to respond to our questions of Monday 18th May 2009 raises further questions as to the proper procedural course of action undertaken by your department and its servants.Is it not the case that your liquidator was appointed merely to assess the future of JEFF 

We note that as homeless people in Sydney, in whose name the funds and resources of Just Enough Faith were raised,we believe that we are stakeholders in any process regarding the disposal of such assets and resources.We assert this right on the basis that donations made to Just Enough Faith were made in good faith by the respective donors, and merely held in trust by Just Enough Faith primarily for use in association with the supply and distribution of essential services to our community.

We ask that a delegation of homeless nominated representatives and/or their advisors be party to current and ongoing proceedings in respect of the disposal or dealing in Just Enough Faith and its assets,which were raised to benefit us.