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We were looking around the blogocracy today , and look what we found!!!! A blog starting out about our good mate Bill Crews. Makes an interesting read,it does. We are so enthusiastic about the personal empowerment afforded by this new form of political action that we are waiting to join the blogocrats.

 Anyway, welcome to part one of our campaign to make the bastards honest. Since April 2008, we have learned a great deal about the power excercised by the triumvirate of government, church and media. Mates assisting mates! Politicians. Media Barons. And Churches.

 We followed with interest a series of carefully placed “news items”  on our mate, Jef Gambin. Perfect timing, if you want to destroy a brand new FREE dental service which Just Enough Faith were about to launch. Another FREE dental service, with its own facilities, provided by that pain in the butt upstart Gambin again. What would it do to the reputation of other FREE dental services,targeting the same constituency? We suspect that we have identified the motivation behind Exodus Foundation decision to join the government and media in destroying Just Enough Faith, or even take it over.

 As the rabid press rolled out their orchestrated litany of deceptions a devastated Jef Gambin struggled against sudden and catastrophic impact on his Just Enough Faith clientele, moving at once to ensure that the foodvans were secure. As time dragged on and the tentacles of government moved at their glacial pace our mate Jef kept his Just Enough Faith just above water as it struggled to provide the service JEF were renowned for….

….and then in April, with no charges laid whatsoever,Just Enough Faith was siezed by a belligerent administrator, appointed by a hostile government, itself in its death throes. Thats when the State Labor Government, with typical disdain for all but their own interests, fired their Crews missile at us!!! An attack not only on our Mate Jef Gambin, but an attack on the standards he had set in quality and service at the foodvan, an attack on the homeless of Sydney City.

 Well, Minister Greene, Mr Administrator and Exodus, we are sending your Crews missile back!!!!


Welcome to the site dedicated to assisting the Rev. Bill Crews and Exodus Foundation in continuing to provide the services they say they provide, and bringing transparency to their fundraising activities, expenditure, and social programs.

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 In a news release dated Mr, sorry Rev. Crews, you say that Exodus are issuing 800 food parcels per month. OK.We will say $50 per food parcel. $40,000. In the same news release, you say Exodus Foundation serve 630 meals per day. I beleive you. You don’t say whether this includes the 200 per day Exodus is paid to deliver at the old Just Enough Faith site you got for free, by conspiring with state government. I’ll assume you don’t include this,because I believe you’re an honest man. I know that it doesn’t cost $10 per head, Reverend, but we will use that figure to calculate your costs. Thats $6300, 31 days a month, say $200,000 a month. Showers,lets say,cost $1000 a month to run.Okay,$2000. We will be generous because you are a man known for your generosity. Thats $242,000 a month.And,you will notice, we are always rounding the figures upwards,because you are known as a generous man. And then Bill,lets add the $750,000 a year you say you spend on education… divided by six, thats $125,000 for two months. We know you probably get some of that from DoCs and some from Education, but lets say you don’t. And say another 100k for 2 months at the dental clinic no one on the streets heard of (but we know you have it,you told us,and we trust you). Like you,Bill,we are being generous. Thats $725000,but we will call it $750k. Thats only 5 donations of $5000 difference.

 Now,Bill,and we know you won’t mind us calling you Bill by now, as we are already good friends and trust each other so much, just last week you had a page posted saying that you needed one point five million dollars by June 30th just to have a dollar in the bank… we know you didn’t mean you yourself, but Exodus Foundation. Now,Bill, most of us were abysmal failures at maths,arithmetic it was in our day,right? And I’m no execption. So,just so that I don’t get myself in trouble, I have with me a friend from PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). No,not the brewery, they’re some accounting, and I don’t know how good they are. But I know old matey here was pretty good at the old rithmetic back at Barcaldine Public School,topped the class he did! And Bill, me and old matey here well, we just can’t figure it out. According to old matey here, even by our generous calculations based on figures you supplied, that leaves a gap of about, wow,one million dollars!!! Now,Bill,we know we are wrong,but we can’t quite work out where. We know that you would not spend only one third on actually providing services. But thats what it looks like to us and to all the other simpletons out there not blessed with the same fiscal prudence and acumen that Lotteries and Gaming obviously recognise you for. But we are short in our calculations, a cool $750,000.Where is that going? So,Bill, I’m sure you won’t mind showing us where we went wrong.

 By the way Bill, how are things going with the administrator of Just Enough Faith? Got all the goodies you need? I didn’t notice any mention of the freebies you got on your website. You forgot right? I know you are a busy man.All those FREE resources,handed to you on a plate? Bill, I congratulate you. You are indeed fortunate to have the hard work of not only Jef and Alina Gambin, but also the hundreds of volunteers who worked so hard to build a fair and independent non religious organisation which for seventeen years provided excellent services to homeless people. Aren’t you the lucky one to have it handed to your church based organisation to control? I heard that you threw out a whole lot of the food you got from Just Enough Faith today; wasn’t up to your high standards? Well, at least you managed to put some of the fish products to good use in Loaves & Fishes.Yes,we have seen some of the meat at the foodvan, like the sausages and even some of the gravy beef, and we are looking forward to seeing the rest of it too.


Oh and how remiss  of me, I forgot to introduce myself,

I am Sydney Homeless.

kind regards

Sydney Homeless.

————————————————————————————————————————————————we thought that the trial and conviction by media of our mate Jef Gambin was such a successful campaign,  without a single court case , and when we see a good thing we back it!!! So we are going to subject all the charities who profess to raise money for marginalised groups benefit to the same trial process afforded to our mate Jef,and Just Enough Faith… we will see whether they stand up to the same rigorous scrutiny as JEF was put under. Exempted? Not by Us!!! is the first in a series of mini sites we are developing to report on the financing of the charities and not for profit organisations which collect funds and donations in the name of homeless and marginalised people. We picked Exodus and Bill Crews to start with, because we know hes so honest and therefore checking his business(sorry,charity) out should be quick, and we can move on to the real rogues!!!And of course when we find that everything is as above board as you say,mate, we will endorse your organisation(sorry,business) too.