Letter regarding this page;


Whom ever posted this report needs to take a good look at themselves, just shows your lack of intelligence!

Any organisation where volunteers give up their time & church groups who offer services to all needy people should be welcomed not criticised.

We should be striving for the same thing, making life a bit better for those in need!

Wake up before you destroy everything!

 Our reply


and thanks again for your viewpoint. Our recommendations to volunteers have a moral basis. We consider that many volunteers are simply exploited by organisations which in some cases receive millions of dollars annually to provide services, yet have volunteers perform much of the labour component of that funded operation. Where the operation is publicly funded, and in some other cases, it is a cynical conspiracy by the funding provider and the charity or other NFP involved to provide the service at minimal cost. The downstream effect is that the work done at 0 cost by volunteers represents another potential paid position which is lost, and expotentially another job on the scrapheap. In many cases the “good works” performed by committed volunteers in one sector of an organisation are pointed to in other sections of the organisation as stimulus for often unaccounted donations. Church pulpit collection systems spring to mind.


Our volunteer recommendations page does not look at the merits or demerits of volunteering per se, nor does it consider organisations whose activities fall outside the “homeless/potentially homeless” sphere, which we cater to. Our endorsement or otherwise of an organisation is purely on the basis of whether we consider the organisation to be “a homeless services organisation who fundraise” or “a fundraising organisation who provide homeless services”.


If by chance we happen to destroy, as you put it, or expose, any nepotism, cosy deals between charities and their government or corporate sponsors, or instances of special relationships between parties which cause funds or resources raised in the name of marginalised people to be siphoned off then we make no apologies whatsoever. In fact, for the charities/NGOs who operate in that way in the name of homeless people: Storm warning. Hurricane Homeless Viewpoint is heading right your way and its a category nine!!!!