While many homeless people state that their aim is to be housed, a small number have rejected conventional housing as component of their lifestyle option. Today, we spoke with a family who have lived in many locations in three states and for the last nine months around Sydney. Two adults, two kids and a stationwagon, is the setup they call home. The well kept if ageing vehicle is easily mistaken for a sports mum and dad. Dad works in warehousing but is casual.Never been out of a job. But because he’s a casual worker,he can’t get a bank loan to buy a home. They lived as many do for most of their lives, paying off someone elses mortgage in a traditional rental situation. Their last four tenancies each lasted the term of a six month lease. References from the agents,and offers of new rental tenancies, at different properties at increased rentals. The cost of relocating every six months, so that greed driven landlords and their real estate agent collaborators could increase the rent, eventually forced the family to live in their car-they’re saving for a camper truck which they plan to have in a couple of weeks. This family have none of the standard “marginalisation” issues. Full time workers. Decent income-by the standards of many streeties downright affluent. Bright and clean, cheeky kids, obviously well cared for and at ease with both parents and strangers(us). Non gamblers, non christians, non drinkers, non smokers,no drugs. None of the five big addictions.They made the decision on the basis that they will never be able to afford a home in a metropolitan Australian area. Some already live in vans and mobile homes.Others are waterborne. There are a few who don’t think past the next drink,but we don’t include them in the count because they cannot be said to have made a decision-it just happens that way. (to be continued) if you can make a contribution to this article and are not promoting a government funded service, please send your contribution to sydneyhomeless@letterboxes.org