Ever wondered why so many people over the years have preferred to stand in a long line on often cold rainy nights, waiting for a delicious hot meal?

 In the past few days, I had three conversations,indenendent of each other. I asked the first man, a chronic alcoholic,  how  the food was at Matthew Talbot(Vinnies). He said “oh no, I don’t go there, theres no forgiveness in that place. He made comments about the group actions of staff, and how he had been barred years ago and how they are christians and how they are supposed to forgive, but he kept returning to the same theme “theres no forgiveness there.”

Yesterday, in the course of a group discussion, another guy volunteered in relation to Foster House(Salvation Army). I got taken there by police. The Foster house I had stayed in about ten years before was gone. But they would not let me stay until I paid the $35 I owed from 10 years ago.

About ten minutes ago, we had a couple of people start a conversation regarding Exodus/Just Enough Faith. One of the guys asked how anyone could get barred from a church. He had been barred from Exodus Foundation for life, supposedly for pulling a chair from beneath another guy. He says he offered to bring his passport in to confirm that in fact he was overseas at the time, but was told words to the effect of “just don’t bother coming back in this lifetime”.

 The vast majority of us first went to the van to eat, and found something else.Something not found in the multimillion dollar facilities some organisations have. Something institutions seem devoid of. We who found fallacy everywhere else faced something genuine.Something that was part of ourselves, for we found ourselves. We found that intangible that the combined will of an army will fail to build, where only the combined love and toil of a genuine few can succeed.

 To the many who have jumped on the bandwagon to crucify the founder of JEF, I ask, when you see a man fall off a chair, do you kick him senseless?

 From the utterances I have read in the news, it is unthinkable that persons who obtain and misuse confidential and sensitive documents(which they are granted access to in trust) as leverage,perhaps,for their own agenda: are they not thieves???

 Mr Crews,you may mean well,you may not. Your organisation have already replaced the JEF magical formula with sterility. Please don’t do to JEF what an accountant did to Harrys pies.

 And Mr Administrator, Mr Minister, and your respective staff. You seek to quantify in dollar terms alone, what every government department at state and federal level, ACOSS and the poverty industry have failed to do in Sydney. Its not built of money, good people. Thats why it is the most successful marginalised support service in inner Sydney; viewed from street level,you understand. Please, place Just Enough Faith in the care and responsibility of its volunteer force, (if not Mr & Mrs Gambin), to be nurtured and loved, not in the rough hands of those who only seek to gain.