In our struggle to maintain relevance with the entirety of the homeless diaspora, today we turn our attention and skills to focus on the Governments stimulus package. Street level indicators almost universally confirm everyones hopes and Kevin Rudds fervent desire to see his stimulus package working. We can confirm that it is. The cigarette butt indicator has been used by many astute marginalised people to forecast economic doom and gloom with uncanny accuracy. Our sources report much more plentiful, and longer, cigarette butts discarded this month as compared with last. This is a sure indication that people are less concerned about the amount of smokable cigarette they discard proportionate to the amount they purchase, meaning they are more assured about their revenue sources. There are worrying signs though for employees in the financial sector generally, with reports of especially long cigarette butts being collected in the vicinity of Westpac, Commonwealth subsidiary BankWest and Macquarie Bank offices. Of course this is a sure sign that employees in those companies, and the financial sector generally, have ongoing concerns about the continuity of their employment. Reports from the marginalised cardboard-for-homes people report an unsurge in boxes for large screen TVs and Computers being collected, and have asked us to remind unwitting donors to please place them where they will not get wet in inclement weather. Investors in Lion Nathan may note with trepidation a significant decline in the number of Tooheys bottles being collected by homeless bottle recyclers. The shoeshiners alarmed us reporting up to 90 percent falls in revenue, but we feel that this abherration should be ignored, with further lament by our source that his erstwhile reliable clients with patent leather shoes were now walking past wearing Nikes!!! Have they joined Notorious? So cheer up, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan, we think the stimulus package is working, and if the reserve bank wishes to consult us they can find us right outside their front door in Martin Place,every day of the week!!!