We have received an alarming number of reports from homeless as well as social housing tenants of an
upsurge in police siezures of personal property. In several notifications items of value have been taken by police
“suspected of being stolen” including cash, mobile phones and cameras. One reporter notes a brand new computer taken over 2 years ago after receipts were produced and never returned,A disturbing trend is that many of these confiscations are happening without any paperwork.

Increased Police Powers;
There are also increased reports of police move on powers being used on the grounds “suspect of being drunk.” Police have monitoring equipment to confirm whether a person is actually drunk or drug affected, but this legislation removes any requirement for them to use it.
The opinion of a police officer is not good enough and hasmuch potential to be applied maliciously, or racially. Homeless people are at constant risk of move on laws being applied even when gathering or sitting peacefully in any public place, simply because someone may find them scary or intimidating. Perhaps we need to start reporting people wearing police uniforms as scary or intimidating? Many homeless are genuinely scared of police. For some of non european and especially indigenous descent,there is the very real risk of death at the hands of what are seen as gung ho pro european, anglo police.

 Premier Rees government, as with Iemma before him, have provied a blank chequebook, and draconian police powers to Commissioner Scipione. Scipione is the commissioner who announced that t-shirts and placards of protesters at the world youth day events would have to be screened and pre approved by police. Thankfully, he was slapped down by a somewhat bemused judge. But what did Scipione have in mind as an extension of his logic? A pre approval process for media releases, or, perhaps, making it illegal for all groups without police officers as members to protest? Well, along with his demands for Tasers, Rees has also rushed through parliament a two rafts of draconian legislation, one of which even the State Attorney General Opposed. Popularly promoted as anti gang legislation, these laws in fact apply to any organisation which the commissioner of police sees fit to apply it to. Potentially the ACTU, Muslim and non-christian organisations, even businesses, beware. Civil Liberties organisations, and even Greenpeace can be a “proscribed organisation”.People recruiting for it subject to 5 years jail. The legislation does not deal with,and we await with interest, the “proscribing” of a “gang” which has seen no reason to register itself as an entity, so does not officially exist.. All this power resides in the hands of NSW Commissioner of Police,at this time, Scipione. The real rub, though, is in the Rees decreed court process. According to the legislation, the Attorney General may nominate a particular case to be heard before a particular judge, and for judges delivering verdicts displeasing to government to be banned from hearing such cases.So much for the independence of the judiciary. Could this legislation could be applied to homeless people, with the commissioner simply deeming the existence of a gang? Assurances from legislators or police are not worth the airspace they are heard in. With NSW Police facing longstanding and ongoing criticism from within aboriginal & other groups as the most racist on earth, this must be stopped

 According to mainstream media reports a 33 year old female Kings Cross Police officer was assaulted and robbed while walking to work in Kings Cross. Comment on the Street ranges from  “they don’t care about us,we don’t care about them” to “there is justice.” Without doubt, many of our margnalised community have experienced violence at the hands of police. There have been numerous deaths. A Woolloomooloo youth of South American ethnicity was shot while unarmed by police about nine years ago. We have no records of convictions of police for that shooting.

Police,especially in Kings Cross, are not known for their empathy with street or marginalised people. In fact,Kings Cross police in co-operation with then Mayor Lucy Turnbull( wife of liberal Malcolm) used to regularly take bedding off street people at about ten oclock every night, probably in the hope that they would go away.

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