Unedited comment from Exodus Supporter(name withheld by us out of courtesy

Well hey guys to the JEF loyalists, who asked Exodus to carry the torch whilst the famous business entrepreneur Jef Gambin is under administration, the administrators!!!!!If anyone else out there can do better then be my guest. Can any of you JEF loyalists cook in your kitchen and provide hot, fresh meals, guess not. Well, if the volunteers didn’t pack the plates full of food there would be enough to feed 300 pax a night. What do you mean give people who receive FREE food a choice, what do you think this is Macca’s, there getting free tucker, if they want a choice then go and pay for it. If they are genuine homeless or marginalised then they would eat baked beans. Try and get dirt on the honest Rev Bill Crews, he doesn’t drive a Merc, he doesn’t live in a flashy house, he doesn’t eat out, he doesn’t own Armani suits, he truely cares, try and get to know him and he’ll give you his last dollar.


 Our reply


Thank you for your insightful input!!! Exactly the level of intellect Exodus appears to attract. The administrators who currently have control of JEF have as much insight into how to treat marginalised people as you do. A team member has already written to thank the minister concerned, and Exodus spokesperson in parliament Lee Rhiannon.As it happens, someone has already shown that the job can be done immeasurably better than the efforts of Exodus. His name is Jef Gambin, and he showed the way for 17 years. Our team is actually about to upload an article complimenting yourselves on the menu improvements over the last 3 days, with the approval rating today at over 45% among those patrons polled. A goodly reason for this increase in approval is that the plates are fuller than they have been under the direct supervision of your operations manager. We have heard the loaves and fishes parable too, but the JEF volunteers are also used to being supported by a committed kitchen crew,chef and management whose common interest is to deliver wholesome nutritious food to the marginalised,as compared with Exodus Foundation, who seem more intent on being seen to provide services by their unknowing sponsors. Exodus minimalist approach to services is said to be legendary among those who have used their services,with one or two exceptions. We have seen it with our own eyes. We appreciate your candour in your comments comparing the standard of your food service unfavourably to maccas..we agree. Sorry, but Jef got us used to the notion that the foodvan would provide food of superior quality to parliament. I am not quoting Jef Gambin, or JEF people, but a grateful NSW parliamentarian who was moved to make the comparison. Under JEF, the foovans provided a selection of dishes and any dimunition of the quality of service is a direct affront to the homeless and marginalised people Bill Crews is so fond of speaking on behalf of,and soliciting donations on behalf of. If you are using Exodus as a gauge by which to measure a charity, then your incredulity is understandable…you have perhaps not seen the infectious generosity of spirit shown on a daily basis by Jef Gambin, which seems to have permeated throughout his entire organisation. Your comment re: baked beans is surely not an attempt at one-upmanship, did you think you could outdo Marie Antoinette??? Nevertheless,the comment is symptomatic of one of the systemic failings of Exodus and I refer to the policy of “staff,volunteers or clients and never the twain shall meet”. This is a major reason why your simplistic comprehension of marginalisation issues is so narrow, and diminishing of the people Exodus profess to care about.
You will not have seen genuine caring, as compared to the business of “caring” for which Mr Crews is renowned.
Incidentally, this resource is not in any way connected with Just Enough Faith, and the team responsible are all homeless people. There is no input by anyone directly connected with Just Enough Faith. It would be most welcome, but I’m sure they are busy working on strategies to further assist marginalised people.
Oh, and even though we don’t actually have kitchens at home to cook on, we are making efforts to establish our own food service, which the many dentally
challenged among us can rely on for a hot nightly meal(which they can actually eat).