Perennial Corporate Fundraiser and purveyor of minimalist services to the marginalised Exodus Foundation have certainly upset a lot of people in their short tenure operating Just Enough Faiths Foodvans. Many ex JEF Volunteers have complained bitterly of bland and insufficient food to serve and insufficient choice to offer. Some ex-JEF volunteers feel deceived at being told that the operation is being maintained “same as usual” only to find on arrival that Just Enough Faith under Exodus control is a draconian, cold and bland team environment. Volunteers, some of whom have faithfully provided the caring and friendly service to Sydney Homeless and Marginalised for years, say they are most unhappy to have this “jilly-come-lately” impose sterile ineffective systems on them. Her condescending approach is an insult to those who have faithfully provided the service for years.

 Many patrons are also decidedly unhappy with her attitude to serving food. “Either vegitarian or non-vegitarian”she says. Non vegitarian often is 2 chicken legs and 75 grains of rice with no vegies. There were many expressions of relief Sunday night when, under the supervision of JEFs experienced volunteers, patrons were able to select what they wanted,abeit from the scant but tasty range available.

 Patrons are consistently underwhelmed by the pretty van ( Reputedly costing a whopping $2500 per week to rent), and total absence of the bevy of extra services which JEF regularly offered.No raincoats on some rainy days, no blankets on offer from time to time when it is cold. No clothes. These services being replaced by the vultures from quasi autonomous NGOs and other churches (who have been notable for the past 17 years,by their absence) as if swarming a carcass.

 Heres a message to Bill Crews,Exodus Foundation and the government cretins responsible for hijacking and diminishing the services so painstakingly crafted by Jef Gambin and his team. The Just Enough Faith Brand as a fundraising opportunity for Exodus or any other government puppet organisation will be a dismal failure. Marginalised people are already abandoning the once mainstay service in droves, thanks to your bland delivery systems. For the time being,you are a contractor, paid , we understand,$55,000 to offer the service for a month. You have been given JEF’s vans YET YOU CHOOSE TO SPEND $2500 per week hiring your yellow bus. Does it belong to one of your friends? Very profitable for them.I’m sure. As you are being paid by JEFs administrators, why are you promoting your Exodus Brand? As you are actually funded by JEF money,shouldn’t your role be to promote JEF, not Exodus? Your site manager,Karen,when asked by one of our people what was happening, told the enquirer that “Jeff is sick,and we have to look after this for him.” Unfortunately that person actually believed this outrageous lie, and spent a few hours later being pacified by a group of fellow patrons. So while your lies and spindoctoring may have the desired effect of raising the desired millions in donations you so whimsically choose, they can have a cruel and devastating effect on marginalised people and we ask you to save them for your corporate friends and the media, who doubtless find them so wonderfully entertaining.

 Take notice,also, that we will monitor your activities daily, until the service is returned to the control of Jef Gambin. The only thing you can do to gain our support,is leave.