Without doubt, struggling Jeff Gambins Just Enough Faith were until a couple of weeks ago the undisputed “must have meal a day” for Sydneys Homeless and marginalised. Their extraordinary effort and achievement has been to feed up to 600 people per night from their site at the intersection of Cathedral and Sir John Young Crescents in Woolloomooloo /East Sydney for 17 years,never missing a day, never running out of food, and providing a selection of restaurant quality meals that were nourishing and sustaining. Sadly The Gambins and their support team are rught now fighting to regain control of Just Enough Faith from a belligerent uncaring Gaming and Lotteries Department, who have siezed control and handed over the organisations assets to Darling of the rich and Pariah-in-the-name-of-Sydney-marginalised Bill Crews and his Exodus foundation,who are now a government paid contract service delivery provider. The consensus among the regular diners is “the foods ratshit”.A significant number of the older guys endure the indignity of missing their nightly meal in silence, because they cannot eat the undercooked meat. Bill Crews, that scion of the marginalised establishment,after 20 years of accepting government and corporate money in the name of Sydney Marginalised, has still not worked out that a large number of streeties have dental problems and so cannot eat much of the undercooked food he serves up. This is a graphic illustration of the difference Jef Gambin makes for marginalised people.He analyses. Then He fixes it. Bill Crews? He looks for more money, then works out the minimum services possible, in an uncaring, almost contemptuous way. A historical note;  Crews Uniting Church ancestors were among those who handed out smallpox infected blankets to local aboriginals in Australias first encounter with germ warfare.

 Our appreciation to JEF original organisation and their many volunteers, without whom this cutting edge service would not be possible

 There is a huge groundswell of support for the return of JEF to the control of Team Gambin,who actually knew what they were doing 

1/ Martin Place outside Westpac 4-30 to whenever, weekdays… ex shop stock, ad hoc take it and go stuff. Can be messy.2-30 Saturdays.

2/ Monday-Friday 7-30am. Station Ltd.

U make toast and coffee,u do it laundry and showers(til 1 pm), lunch(cooked) 12-30. They’re government funded and accept some donations. Nice staff, mostly,but they don’t hesitate to call police. No under 22 year olds. DOCs are involved as a funding provider, so its not advisable to take kids there anyway, you might lose them. Largely clean, largely old fashioned, has doctor/centrelink/lawyers one day a week.

Matthew Talbot…Talbot Lane,Woolloomooloo…. Vinnies run Matthew Talbot is a draconian jail like facility (except jail food is said to be better). Reputedly the largest recipient of government funding for homeless services in Australia, they get more than their fair share in corporate support too. Homeless people used to be charged to eat there, but were reputedly forced to withdraw their charges by a large, unamused media based corporate sponsor. With its prison like facilities and food, children and women are not permitted. Matthew Talbot residents form a large percentage of the attendees at the services run by Coptic Church,Bexley (Wednesdays,Cathedral St Carpark,St Marys Cathedral St Entrance & Wynyard Station Park, Vinnies Foodvans, and Just Enough Faith(currently operated by Gaming and Lotteries contractor Exodus Foundation. This should be a good indicator as to the quality and quantity of food available. Not on our recommended list, but they do make breakfast lunch and dinner, lunch I think. Latest reports indicate that Talbot food has improved in quality. In winter hot porridge is the breakfast staple,and an appropriate staple it is too. Men only… this quaint and archaic rule is from a bygone era when people simply forgot that women and children get hungry too. 

Vinnies Vans…. At one time Vinnies Vans were the showpiece of corporate fundraising at its ugliest… Vans dispensing  luke warm tea and stale biscuits to small groups of homeless, in the main, drunks. How times have changed. Forced by the high standards set by Jeff Gambins ,Just Enough Faith, to their credit,Vinnies lifted their game. They now operate at 4 locations per night( Martin Place,Westpac) 8-40 to 9-30, Cathedral St St Marys Entrance, 9-30 to 10-30, Green Park (10-30-11-15) and Central Station (outside Firefly) 11-30 pm to 12-30 am or thereabouts. We pass on the numerous requests from homeless people consulted to express their gratitude to the many and diverse groups of volunteers who make Vinnies Food Vans the friendly caring and essential service they are today. We would like especially to express our gratitude to the many mini-vinnies volunteers, who spend so much time and effort preparing and presenting the food dispensed by their older peers at the Vinnies vans. Mini Vinnies are the Catholic school kids who are too young to work on the vans (Legal requirement,age 16, good reasons) We would also like to thank the schools and staff who participate in delivering this service, often in cold and miserable conditions.

COPTIC CHURCH;Wednesdays, about 8-30 pm

Cathedral st Carpark(opposite Nicks).

Cathedral st St Marys Entrance(near Cook & Phillip Pool).

Wynyard Station Park

 the Coptic(Christian) church, centred in Bexley, is a vibrant and dynamic group of very enthusiastic mainly younger people of mainly middle eastern origin. Hey, these guys and girls dont get government or corporate funding to do this, they do it from a genuine sense of caring and commitment.They service three sites simultaneously providing a variety of wholesome food and drinks which is gratefully devoured by an ever expanding school of marginalised fishies. Good on you guys and ladies, very much appreciated.

St Canices; Another dedicated crew feed a large community lunches Saturday and Sundays.

Exodus Foundation, Liverpool St Ashfield, Breakfast of toast & tea, Lunch, can be anything, usually served with dessert.