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Tribute To Jeff And Alina Gambin.
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The Hon. C. J. S. LYNN [10.12 p.m.]: Tonight I pay tribute to a couple I
met last week, Jeff and Alina Gambin, who run an organisation called
Just Enough Faith which operates of an evening across the road from
Parliament House. Their story is very interesting. Jeff was born in Tibet
and came to Australia at age four and was raised here. He did national
service—he served in Vietnam—and eventually became a very
successful restaurateur. A few years ago when times were a little bit
tough he was sitting on a bench in Martin Place trying to work his way
through a problem when a fellow said to him, “I understand you will have
a cold night tonight. I suggest you sleep over there in that doorway where
the heat comes through.” Jeff thanked him and the man went away. The
bloke came back and said to Jeff, “I can see this is your first night, you
had better have my blanket. I know how to keep warm.” Jeff realised that
this fellow had only a blanket, yet was prepared to give it to him.
Jeff eventually reorganised his thoughts. He sold up his businesses and
for the past six years he has fed the homeless in this part of the world
every night of the week. Later he met a woman, Alina, who worked in
advertising, heard about him and joined his organisation. They got
married a couple of years ago. The fellow who had offered the blanket
was invited to be their best man. Jeff and Alina started feeding a few
people, and now every night they feed 200 people in Martin Place and
another couple of hundred people in the Domain. Giving them one
substantial meal of the day is not their main purpose. Their purpose is to
use that as an attraction to get those people out, find out their difficulties
and work out how they can help them. Of the people they look after,
about 20 per cent have virtually no hope in life, 40 per cent have a mental
problem and 40 per cent have hope. Jeff does not discriminate against
anyone; his aim is to give them all hope.
When they find out what their difficulty is, what they like and so forth, Jeff
and Alina work out a way to house them. Currently 17 houses, leased
under his name, accommodate three people per house. He has just
established a 25-acre farm at Minto where people who have come down
from the country can live in familiar surroundings. The people on the farm
are starting to grow vegetables and Jeff is teaching them to be selfsufficient.
He is returning their dignity to them and lets them know that
there are people who care for them. I have known Jeff for only the past
week. I have been over there each night, got in the queue and had a
meal. The food is better than it is in Parliament House—in fact, I would
like to get him here to feed us out the back after the House adjourns!
Earlier I was reading an article by Hugh Morgan from the Westpac Bank.
The article is about corporate and mutual obligation, which is all well and
good. But out there on our doorstep are two people who are making a
difference in their own way.
John Saunders, a wonderful man and one of the founding partners of
Westfield, was stricken with heart problems and sugar diabetes—stuff
that money could not fix—not long before he died. A plaque at the front of
his office read: “If you have health you have hope, and if you have hope
you have everything.” I could not help but think about that when I met Jeff
and Alina, because they are helping these people restore hope so that
they will have a future. I would like to pay tribute to Jeff and Alina. I invite
other members of Parliament who want a good feed between 9.30 p.m.
and 10.30 p.m. to pop across the road. Jeff would be only too happy to
oblige. He would like to meet more members of Parliament. At present
Jeff funds the service completely himself. Although he will not take
government funding, he would not mind a bit of corporate support. He is a
wonderful man.
Speakers: Lynn, The Hon Charlie .
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