Following early discussions with homeless and marginalised people, the major concern is the status of Just Enough Faiths Foodvan operation. Rumors abound, contributing to further anxieties and destabilisation as the marginalised overwhelmingly express a real fear of being cut adrift from one of the few safe anchorages in the stormy unpredictable ocean which is the world of many.

a) Will Jef regain control of the foodvan? A petition would easily raise 1000 signatures in 24 hours if this would effect the return of control to the Gambins or their nominees.

b) If not, will Exodus offer the same bland unreliable service they offer now?


c) Will the foodvans cease to operate?

Options b and c are unacceptable to homeless and marginalised people!!!

 We are discussing alternatives to both unacceptable options. Our aim is to put in place a “for the homeless, by the homeless” alternative, and we are canvassing the following options/will consider other non government offers.

a) A Marignalised peoples barbecue type gathering. Ideally above the current JEF site. Food cooked on site in an informal arrangement. Stews, rice,mince and whatever else all possible. Considering operating 24 hours a day.

b) A similar resource in Belmore Park. Maybe just breakfasts/brekkie & dinner.

c) Utilising one of three currently disused commercial kitchens known to us.Discussions are still at formative stages.

in short, we need reliable methods to cook bulk amounts of food, about 350 kilos a night.Preferably using health department and council approved facilities. We will need to move quickly to use them if options B or C are the outcome. We would of course welcome Jef as co-ordinator should he wish to do so.

 We also need to identify and contact regular suppliers of FREE MEATs and Vegies as well as volunteers to make it all happen…..

Suggestions/offers of help & support to

We are not a registered entity of any kind, nor are we registered or licensed to solicit donations. We are also not registered with the tax office. Reasons??? Its very hard to throw stones at a non entity, and anyway we are homeless people of very modest means. So we are not soliciting help of any kind, simply advising of how we might accept prooffered donations.

 In discussions with regular and current clients, there is almost universal opposition to the current takeover of JEF by Exodus. There is also a large groundswell of opposition to the prospect of the salvos taking over. There is vociferous criticism of Exodus current operations in relation to both Loaves & Fishes and JEF Foodvan operations. The key factor is diminished services. People do not eat flash vans and napkins. They eat food. Another issue is the surveillance camera in the Exodus supplied Yellow Foodvan. Who are the surveillance tapes made available to? Are there live feeds perhaps, police stations, DOCs or even City Council? There are no signs warning clients that they are subject to surveillance and the “its not turned on story just doesn’t wash.

The groundswell of opinion against the salvos picking up the service is also unexpectedly strong. Many Homeless already reject the brand thanks to their experiences with other Salvation Army facilities which they describe as institutions. There has been criticism by young street people of the Salvation Armys Iternet van passing on information about them to DoCS, long recognised almost universally(with the exception of government politicians) as childrens and families worst nightmare. Our immediate concern is that a substantial number of young people will feel unsafe to eat at a Salvos run van, as will some parents  who occasionally visit the vans.

 Just Enough Faiths foodvan operation and its equipment have been siezed by the Office of Liqour and Gamings (see website )administrator (see  article, ). That administrator has paid $55000 to Bill Crews Exodus Foundation to keep the service running until June. The administrator has handed over Just Enough Faiths vans, as well as the private contact details of Just Enough Faith volunteers, to the administrators contractor, Exodus Foundation. To the disgust of some JEF volunteers and confusion of many more, Exodus have been contacting them to continue to volunteer to provide the service, for which Exodus are being paid. Exodus have taken Just Enough Faith t-shirts (apparently sourced from JEF storage) and handed them out to some of their volunteers. Exodus masquerades as Just Enough Faith, but they don’t fool anyone. Their insubstantial, inadequate and for many inedible meals are trademark Exodus…straight out of their loaves and fishes fundraising display centre. Their lack of duty of care was graphically illustrated, when it was left to a tiny ex-JEF female volunteer to quell a potential violent altercation Tuesday last week with no support from Exodus staff. I would personally like to apologise to that person for not intervening as I should have.