Sick of all these people speaking in your name, raising money to help you but using it to fund their flash offices, new cars and resort seminar lifestyle? This is your opportunity!!! We are about to build a homeless services group ourselves, run by homeless, for homeless and for the prevention of  further homelessness.

 Just Enough Faith under the stewardship of Exodus is a sad shadow of its former self. JEF Volunteers are receiving calls from Exodus, who are being Paid to provide this service!!! Exodus turn up nightly with a flash van and one offering of insubstantial food. Let them Pay for staff!!!! Exodus would not be feeding you if they were not PAID TO.

 I’m sure that the number crunchers at Exodus are excitedly poring over the detail of the corporate donor who will support the new Just Enough Faith subsidiary of Exodus. Hey guys, we know where Exodus is, and we know why its there. Exodus corporate supporters are largely CBD based and they don’t want us in the CBD!!! But, you know what? Its not worth making the trip for your scungy meals, and skimpy services…and that is a compelling reason for homeless people to take matters into our own hands!!!

 Now that the only spokesperson we ever had has been taken out, we must do it ourselves. You will receive notification of our services venues and times via your local homeless group.