The evening hot meal program offered by colourful maverick homeless services identity Jef Gambin and his Just Enough Faith organisation seventeen years ago has been hijacked!!!

 Thanks to the meddling efforts of corporate high flyers and accountants, the reins of this once proud organisation have been passed from the safe and intuitive, needs based/solutions oriented hands of Mr Jef Gambin, to the Show-me-the-money/ minimalist services hands of Bill Crews.

 Is Just Enough Faith destined to become an underbrand of The Exodus Foundation? We, Sydneys homeless, earnestly hope not!!! We appreciate the commitment Mr Gambin and his wife Alina made to providing services which were largely unfunded. We appreciate Jefs shoot-from-the-hip-pocket style of administration, which provided REAL on-the-spot solutions, often in the dead of night, while the Poverty Industry,Acoss members and Government bureaucrats snored or dithered. I know of one Cooktown family who would like to personally thank Mr Gambin for providing airfares for their children to return to them, after the uncle they were travelling with became incapacitated to continue care- Jef found out just after 8p.m. and resolved the problem by 9-30..from his own hip pocket.

 I read a saddening article in the herald yesterday summarising the sad state of current events for Mr & Mrs Gambin, and Just Enough Faith. It is clear that the installed administrator of Just Enough Faith is indignant at his allegedly being ignored by Mr Gambin; however,it is clear to those who know Jef that his concern, even as the vultures closed in on his own home, continued to be the welfare of Sydneys disadvantaged. 

 I’m sure that the puny penny pinchers and current administrators of Just Enough Faith have not a single scintilla of care for homeless or other marginalised people safe in the knowledge that they can throw juicy tidbits to the media wolfpack from the anonimity of their own mediocrity.

 I am sure that Mr Gambin, a liberal party supporter, will have few friends in the current NSW or federal government, and that most social services portfolio bureaucrats will enjoy watching the demise of his organisation- he exposed the futility of many of their programs, and brought into question the whole Poverty industry/government department co-dependency and use of the name of marginalised as a device to raise funds. If Mr Gambin ripped anyone off, it was most certainly not Sydneys Homeless and Marginalised. And that is a cross social service departments of federal and state governments, and service organisations(who we disparagingly refer to as “the poverty industry” will still bear. Mr Gambin NEVER held himself forth as a spokesperson for the homeless.When he spoke on homeless issues, he spoke with the authority of the actual homeless people whom he had consulted.

 In contrast,The Australian Council of Social Services, on its website, states “Established in 1956, ACOSS is the national voice for the needs of people affected by poverty and inequality.”  Most marginalised people have never heard of ACOSS. ACOSS is the peak body for Job Futures, Mission Australia, Catholic Social Services and a number of organisations who are primarily government service delivery contractors. These organisations are adept at using the name of the socio-economically marginalised to raise funds for themselves, paying slave labour wages, using volunteers to deliver services,but hey, thats what made the Catholic Church the biggest business in the world.