The takeover of independent homeless services organisation by
that cultivator of corporate largesse and beneficiary of millions
in government funding,Exodus Foundation, must be stopped.

 Just Enough Faiths operations should remain exactly as conceptualised by its founder,Homeless and marginalised peoples benefactor Jef Gambin. The organisation were able to respond quickly to a myriad of personal and community crisis situations for precisely the same reasons as Mr Gambin is now being demonised. Mr Gambins first priority was,and I believe,remains to deliver help whereever there is genuine need. Often, his organisation were asked to respond to crises which Just Enough Faith was not funded to resolve. Knowing that some species actually evolve faster than most government departments and their charity based contractors act, Mr Gambin simply went ahead and resolved them.Woops!!! The orchestrated attack on Jef Gambin,Alina Gambin and Just Enough Faith did not happen by chance. It was instigated by malicious elements, including sometime insiders who had been within the organisation.Jef, I always said you were too trusting. The bastardry of the people behind carefully planned and managed attack is evidenced by the callous disregard for services to the homeless shown in their timing. The carefully concieved plot was launched on 20th April 2008, the day before Jefs 60th birthday. 59 years and 364 days of unblemished business and community service were thrown out with the bathwater in the initial Sunday Telegraph report. The reporter obviously had “inside help” in accessing confidential financial and operational information, such as bank statements. The reporter was either gifted with remarkable visionary foresight, or meticulously informed, as to Mr Gambins likely appearance at Balmain Leagues Club for the photo opportunity which ruined his life. It seems that there is nothing illegal about the activities of the source of this information,because no charges have resulted against that person. With that precedent set firmly in place, we hope soon to be in a position to publish information gleaned from bank statements and other documents pertaining to transactions within the past year relating to the sale of a struggling TV channel which shall remain nameless.  The media releases painted Mr Gambin as a charlatan & con artist who had duped the homeless out of money. Mr Gambin had, unquestionably, spent $1000s of his own money building core services for the homeless and fed the homeless EVERY NIGHT FOR 17 YEARS. Either no one else recognised that there was a problem, or no one else cared!!! The allegation that Mr Gambins organisation were not registered to accept donations in NSW may be true, but Mr Gambin is not an accountant or solicitor. Nor does he have an application forward for the position of Saint. Even the Packer crew, with the best legal and accounting minds available, were not aware of Just Enough Faiths status, when they launched their own Just Enough Faith support group, raising $1 million plus in the process.These are people who live and breathe corporate governance, and include Mr Kerry Packer, who, although ill at the time, was not known for missing details. So, who actually was responsible for ticking the boxes and missing the devil in the detail?
This blog will fully detail this long running campaign by some of
the richest people in Sydney, government departments and
the establishment christian charities to destabilise JEFs.