“The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is the peak council of the community services and welfare sector. Established in 1956, ACOSS is the national voice for the needs of people affected by poverty and inequality.” Taken verbatim from the ACOSS website, this is the lie perpetrated by ACOSS to disenfranchise marginalised groups and communities Australia wide. The Australian Council of Social Services is in fact the peak body for a vulturous group of organisations whose motivation is to access the rivers of gold which flow from corporate and private philanthropy, as well as millions of dollars in government revenue. ACOSS represent the voice of the poverty industry NOT the marginalised!!!! Their current chairperson,Claire Martin, ex chief minister of the Northern Territory, has NEVER represented the marginalised, and assisted the coalitions Howardly attack on Aboriginal communities. ACOSS continue to support Rudds extended interference in those communities not for the benefits that will flow to those communities(there aren’t any), but due to the funding which flows to their members.

 So lets check out who these illuminaries are who speak in our name.

Homelessness Australia??? Never heard of them!!!!

Mission Australia??? Many of Australias most marginalised and “at risk of marginalisation” are in the position they are in today because of the efforts of Mission Australia. Mission Australias ex CEO is the architect of John Howards slave labour “work for the dole” programs, the low wage recruitment system maintained by the comonwealth( of which Mission Australia is a major benefactor). This organisation has in fact restructured itself as a major benefactor of Government programmes under under the Howard regime.

Catholic Social Services?? Oh, is that Vinnies? We’re not sure but we don’t know anyone who has ever spoken to Catholic Social Services.We do know that they turned over a reported $100 billion in Australia last year.Thats bigger than BHP!!!

 We are not going to go through them all, but it is chrystal clear that they DO NOT consult with us,and DO NOT provide a voice for us. What we would like to know is; what percentage of the funds and resources these organisations raise annually in the name of marginalised communities, is identified by constituent community members as having reached its target constituency?