Sydney Homeless has launched this blog as an interim advocacy platform for Sydneys Homeless and marginalised, flowing from the problems of Just Enough Faith, recognised by the majority of Sydneys homeless as their major support organisation.

 The authors would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Jef Gambin for the assistance he and his supporters have channelled to thousands of homeless people, including ourselves.We would like to thank Mr Gambin personally for the selfless way in which he contributed to our lives and needs. We wish to place on record that we have personally witnessed several spontaneous acts of unbridled generosity in a material sense and of spirit by Mr Gambin, including interstate reuniification of children with their erstwhile estranged families, provision of private schooling opportunities to children, or handing out cigarettes in the early days of the foodvans. We call on all homeless people to support Mr Gambin and HIS Just Enough Faith.

 Our aim is to bring the issues facing homeless people in Sydney into the public focus, as well as raising awareness among Sydneys homless, marginalised and supporters of common issues and solutions.